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I have written many books, which span the natural sciences, computer science, philosophy, poetry, history and fiction. You may find some of them by clicking the links on this page. They are also available from any bookshop or from Amazon. Before the books themselves, here are some comments posted about them on Amazon.

“A well-researched, easy-to-read social history in the form of a novel, spanning forty years from the 1890’s to the eve of WWII. The role that the Saskatchewans (and other Canadians) played in WWI is especially interesting as I hadn’t realised how large a contribution was made by the Canadian people in that conflict. A worthy follow-up to ‘The Homesteaders: In the Beginning’.”

“Even if you think “I don’t like verse”, then think again, for this is not verse that presents a mental challenge. Its messages are clear and concise, and those who read it will not fail take away some things from it. It is a ‘little gem’.”

“A fascinating introduction to the history of the Saskatchewan rural pioneers. Peopled with likeable characters and filled with immense detail all described in an-easy-to-read style. Obviously a vast amount of research has gone into writing this delightful historic novel.”

“Enjoyable, well researched and well written. Looking forward to the next Billy Two Hawks novel!”

“Another Little Book of Verse helps one deal with grief, or pain, which I highly recommend. Its pages are filled with compassion, forgiveness, nature, and friends, reminding one what is important in life.”

“Julian Ashbourn’s book is sure to warm your heart with his insightful verse. Julian follows the classics, especially the romantics in form. This is a wonderful book to give to your special someone. Buy one for yourself: You will be delighted. His poems dedicated to nature and love are inspiring, and makes one want to read them more than once. Enjoy!”

“A first class read which I would recommend to anyone.”

“An interesting, well-researched book. It would be of special interest to steam engine enthusiasts and nature lovers. It gives technical details of Canadian steam trains. Also this book extols the benefits of living close to nature, especially near Canadian forests and lakes. It gives a sympathetic portrayal of First Nation Canadians. Highly recommended.”

“After hearing an enthusiastic comment on the first volume of the book sequence of The Homesteaders (In the beginning), I was drawn to reading it myself. I enjoyed it from beginning to end! It struck me as a positive, empathic and realistic story about a very determined and forward thinking young man. Especially the respect for the Cree Indians and their natural way of living with nature struck a chord with me. I must confess it moved me quite a bit, from time to time I felt a lump in my throat…. It made me wonder what living in such a varied but close knit community would be like, knowing you could rely on everyone involved. It is quite a contrast to the hurried and superficial way of life we encounter nowadays.”

“I must complement the author on the thorough research he has done and the way he put the story on paper. Knowing that the second volume is in the making, I very much look forward to reading more about The Homesteaders!”


“The content is very good. The understanding of how events are happening and where they will inevitably lead the world are clearly understood and eye opening.”

“True statements of the state of the world. Wish we could improve on it as suggested!”

“This book has not only given me much pleasure but I also learned a lot from its story on the power of perseverance, honesty, co-operation, real friendship, respect and modesty. The main character John is a penniless young Geordie apprentice carpenter who wants more out of life. He joins a hard 19th century mining community to earn a starting capital to set-up life afresh as a Homesteader in Canada. His open mindedness and caring character soon bring him the friends he needs to get through the hardships in England, his working voyage and his start from scratch on the Saskatchewan plains. The writing is absorbing and soon drew me inside the story. The events and hard conditions are clearly set. Against all odds a very special friendship develops between John and a hypersensitive little Cree Indian girl Kimi that really stole my heart. I took a look at the map to get some feeling for the effort and distances these people must have conquered with just horse and cart or even on foot like the Cree, really awesome. This and the many well detailed situation sketches gave me the impression the author must have put a great deal of effort in the research for his narrative. The sad and joyful parts are movingly pictured. No matter its clear and accessible writing this is not an easy book. It is a cry to remind us how much we have lost in closeness and genuine sense of neighbourly friendship in toady’s world and how relatively effortless our modern world could still be improved if only we make the effort… Personally I look eagerly forward to reading the next part of this trilogy.”

“Very good read ! Would recommend this book to all and especially to anyone that grew up in Saskatchewan .You may leave Saskatchewan but it always remains dear to your heart “.

“Julian says everything I think, but it is a bit long”

Billy Two Hawks

The Billy Two Hawks books are unique in that they mix an appreciation of nature with detective stories in a particularly interesting manner. Billy, is himself, very popular due to his good character and philosophy of life. We can learn much from Billy. The three books in the series, which should be read in order, are;

Billy Two Hawks – The Train

Billy Two Hawks – Alaska

Billy Two Hawks – Abduction

The Homesteaders

The Homesteaders trilogy pays tribute to the brave individuals who made their way to Saskatchewan under the provisions of the Homestead Act, and created the wheat bowl of Canada. During the Great War, many left their beautiful golden fields and big skies to come and fight on the Western Front. Those that returned were then hit by the Winnipeg grain price collapse and the Great Depression. But they came through. They were very special people who we should not forget. It is important that the three volumes are read in sequence.

The Homesteaders – In the Beginning

The Homesteaders – Afterwards

The Homesteaders – Reflections


Many of the books written by myself are philosophical in nature, although they are not books about philosophy itself. They all, however, have an important message to impart to the reader. Sometimes, this message is obvious from the outset, sometimes not. They are, in all cases, inspiring.

Nighat and Gazala – The Language of Love

Nighat – Of That Which is True

In Search of Nature – The Story of Life

Sixteen Days – In Excitatio

Pilgrims – The Journey of Life

The Jewel in Your Heart – The Rise and Fall of the Human Race

Life – All Our Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Heaven – Nature’s Store

John Brown – The Days

Of Poverty and Wealth – The 21st Century

Impact – The March of Man

Below are some links to papers which actually are about philosophy which you might enjoy


Occasionally, I write poetry and, when a suitable number of verses have been accumulated, I gather them together into a little book which readers may easily carry with them. There are just three of these books; together they take the reader on an interesting and beautiful journey.

A Little Book of Verse – To Warm the Heart

Another Little Book of Verse – To Warm the Heart

The Last Little Book of Verse – To Warm the heart

Natural History

I have always loved nature and the natural world and I understand, absolutely, the need to preserve it. Without nature, we cannot exist. An appreciation of nature makes us more complete as human beings. The books listed here are perhaps helpful in respect to stimulating such an understanding.

Evolutionary Conservation – Protecting Our World

The Real World – Glimpses of Nature 

Britain in Camera – The Lake District

Britain in Camera – The Moors

Britain in Camera – Wales

Geological Landscapes of Britain


And here are some general titles for those who simply enjoy an interesting and enjoyable read. Enterprise House should most definitely be read by all corporate executives, and politicians who will benefit from its message enormously.

Audio Technology, Music and Media

Messages From The Moon – Short Stories

Audio – The Sound of Our World

Enterprise House – A Story of Success

Computer Science

The author was one of the pioneers in the science of biometrics, introducing several uniquely valuable concepts and undertaking a good deal of voluntary work in order to promote the ethical use of this technology. Similarly, he has developed encryption systems and is an acknowledged expert on PKI. Listed here are just a selection of the published books.

Public Key Infrastructure and its Implementation

Practical Biometrics – From Aspiration to Implementation

Biometrics in The New World – The Cloud, Mobile Technology

Guide to Biometrics for Large Scale Systems

BANTAM – User Guide

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