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From time to time, a little verse pops into my consciousness, from where I do not know. It could happen anywhere, but can never be forced. I have collected some of these together into the three ‘Little Books of Verse’ which may be found on the Writing page and which come highly recommended. I reproduce a few of them here in order to provide a taste. I do hope that they resonate with you, as they do with me.

Please note that all information on this site is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced except by written permission from myself.


There is a jewel within your heart
With pure love it gently glows
Never, ever with it part
For it will surely always know

It steers us through the storms of life
It guides us straight and true
It shelters us from fear and strife
It always pulls us through

So burnish it with love and care
Keep it’s love light shining bright
To illuminate those places where
The shadows start to creep in tight

Do not neglect this precious jewel
It is the greatest thing that you possess
To steer you from all that is cruel
And separate you from the rest

It shines through all your words most kind
And when push comes to shove
It stops you from ever being blind
To those who need your love

So may it be your constant guide
Don’t ever let it become stained
But keep it shining deep inside
The Great Spirit will always remain

Looking down from high above
Upon those dancing on this land
Whose jewels shine brightly with their love
They are the ones who understand

How every day should be lived true
Sharing love with all who need
The jewel that’s there for me and you
Denied to those who live by greed

So sing out loud and sing out clear
And keep that jewel shining bright
To comfort those who live in fear
And all who struggle through this night

Lest we forget

Do not forget a kindness given
A loving glance, a gentle word
Keep in your heart those who have striven
All that was seen, all that was heard

And hold those in a warm embrace
Who sometimes need a loving hand
For it may often be the case
That we shall need to understand

Do not forget all those in need
Do not forget all those who gave
Those who sought to sow the seed
Those who stood among the brave

Do not forget humanity
The seeds of which remain as yet
And those who strove to keep us free
Keep in your heart, lest we forget


I once said a little prayer
To whom I do not know
Something which itself is rare
For me, as you might know

I prayed for all of those who cry
For reasons of their own
And all of those who question why
They walk this path alone

Why their dreams have flown away
Their quietly falling tears
Hope that fades each passing day
The onward march of years

I prayed that they might find the strength
To stand and carry on
That they might understand at length
That it will not be long

Before their cares will fade away
And gladness fill their hearts
As there will come a brighter day
Where hope will make a start

I prayed for all the children who
Find such injustice here
That they might find a heart that’s true
To bring them better cheer

I prayed for God’s dear creatures and
For all those great and small
Who bring such beauty to this land
To be loved, one and all

I prayed to open every heart
Against this worldly greed
That they, this day, might make a start
To comfort those in need


Forgive the child who cries at night
And keeps us all awake
Understand his helplessness
Forgive for heavens sake

Forgive the woman dressed so fair
Who practised to deceive
In order for to feed her child
And satisfy the need

Forgive the man who cheats in life
Deluded he may be
For him hold out a hand of truth
And help closed eyes to see

Forgive all those who caused us pain
Along this path of life
Forgive and then forgive again
And add not to the strife

Forgive those on a poorer path
As they walk slowly by
And keep within your heart the truth
But by the grace of God walk I 

Forgive the world for all its ills
And broken dreams apart
Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive
And so fill up your heart

And don’t feel shy to use the word
As long as you may live
Its lying there within your grasp
The power to forgive


Somewhere in the blue
I have a special friend
That special friend is you
And friendship never ends

In my thoughts I see
An eagle as it soars
And in those thoughts you’ll be
For all my thoughts are yours

Deep in my dreams I stroll
Barefoot ‘cross the moors
Among the bells that toll
For all my dreams are yours

Of all my humble words
Never did they roar
Rarely were they heard
But all my words are yours

Within my weary days
The pages sometimes tore
And all around they lay
For all my days are yours

The Sands

The sands are running low
For all the boys and girls
Who didn't even know
They'd be brought into this world

The best that they can do
Is to try to understand
The twisted fate of others
And lend a helping hand

And all God's lonely creatures
They are just like you and me
The greatest task before us
Is to set their spirits free

Now the very last grain is falling
To go back to the shore
Its the same for every calling
The same forever more

The Journey

Some are blessed with aptitude
Their destiny lies clear
Some must live in solitude
Some will live in fear

Some are blessed with happiness
True love will come to them
Some must endure loneliness
Never finding a true friend

Some go down in history
Rewriting every word
Most live in obscurity
Their voices never heard

Some bathe in great success
Their guiding light is greed
Others have a great deal less
to satisfy their need

Some will taste celebrity
Before their race is run
But which souls are the purest?
And who will touch the sun?

Oh Lord

The little child who is crying
Please hold her by the hand
The old man who is dying
Please try to understand
For those who keep on trying
For them do what we can
Oh Lord,

The woman quietly nursing
A badly broken heart
While her whole world is cursing
And bursting wide apart
Let us find the love and hope
For her to make another start
Oh Lord,

As I walk upon this land
May my path be always true
And may kindness guide my hand
In everything that I do
May I always make a stand
Though I stand among the few
Oh Lord,

For those who hide in blindness
Please help closed eyes to see
Smother them with kindness
And love to set them free
For that is what defines us
As true humanity
Oh Lord,

Mother Nature’s Law

There is a valley far away
Beyond the mountains high
Where eagles soar to greet the day
As clouds go drifting by

Where water sparkles in the stream
As it winds along its way
Through places hardly ever seen
Except by light of day

And only then by those who know
The path towards its banks
As on their merry way they go
Forever giving thanks

For all that nature brought to them
In this precious valley deep
Through days that seemed to never end
Forever theirs to keep

Such was life in days of yore
Before man came along
But it would not be long before
They sang a different song

Might they never understand
In all that they did see
The damage they brought to the land
And rivers running free

But there will come a time again
When nature’s voice is heard
Way beyond the time of men
Just waiting for the word

When all creation will awake
And blossom forth once more
This time never to forsake
Mother Nature’s law

The Last Word

There must be a last word
It was always meant to be
The last song ever heard
The last account from me

I take the book and lift my pen
I wonder what to write
I give some thought, and think again
And then, I think I might

Write down these last words just for you
And thank you for your time
Bless you, for all that you might do
And leave you with a sign

This is what these words convey
That you might live life true
For the sands of time count down the days
And then they come to you

Be always pure of heart and mind
Walk always straight and true
To those who hurt, always be kind
And love will come to you

Mahsi Cho