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The author has a very broad interest in music and would be happy to compose pieces for corporate entities or events, in either orchestral, chamber, jazz or traditional styles. Please use the Contact form on this site to make initial contact. Similarly, if a record label or music service were to be interested to acquire the existing catalogue, then please make contact. Recorded files are available for all of the pieces listed here. If you have other suggestions or requirements, then please use the Contact page of this website. Thank you.


The compositions build, one upon the other, into a musical journey of discovery,  each one finding new forms of expression. The cover artwork on several of the symphonies is from the Canadian First Nations. That country has been a source of inspiration for several pieces. They are available as CDs or music files in wav or flac lossless formats (other formats are available on request). I do hope that you enjoy them. The later works have full manuscripts available for them from Amazon (see links) These are nicely bound soft cover books which would be ideal for educational purposes.

Symphony No.1 in G ‘Little Wing’

The first symphony celebrates the wonder of the natural world, with all its excitement and beauty, and our relationship with it. Readers of the Billy books will have already been introduced to Little Wing. She is symbolic of our symbiosis with nature. It is so important to consider the natural world, within every sphere of endeavour, including the composition of music. This is a very simple little piece and the score may be useful for exercise purposes.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No.2 in C ‘Paspiwin’

The second symphony is concerned with survival and the need to maintain the natural world as well as that which is good among cultures, while discarding that which is not. It is particularly pertinent at the present time.

Symphony No.3 in D ‘Pekiwewin’

The third symphony is a more sophisticated piece with a richer instrumentation and a longer running time. It is associated with the concept of coming home and is for all those who have made a personal journey of discovery and have now acquired an associated wisdom.

Sympnony No 4 in E Major ‘Pehowin Kinwesis Manito’

The fourth symphony is in five movements and the title translates approximately as ‘Waiting for God’ with the movements translated as; Awakening, Walking, Seeing, Understanding and Sleeping. It is an unusual work with a variety of instrumentation which leads on nicely from the previous three symphonies. It weaves a continuing musical story.

Symphony No 5 in G ‘Otôtêmiwêwin’

This is a symphony which celebrates friendship. It has five movements, the last of which introduces some interesting instrumentation. It continues the story of the other symphonies and tells it’s own tale to complement the overall thread. 

Symphony No 6 in A ‘Kâsînamawew’

Kâsînamawew is about forgiveness. The act of forgiveness is one of the most powerful of all and epitomises humanity as it should be. In the modern world, we seem often to forget this reality, and yet, it is so easy to forgive. Symphony No 6 celebrates this concept in music and introduces its own set of varied themes which develop within the four movements. The instrumentation is equally varied and gives each movement its own special signature.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 7 in F ‘Jackdaws’

Symphony No 7 in F ‘Jackdaws’ is devoted to these extraordinary creatures of the air whose intelligence is remarkable. Though appearing quite shy of humans, they miss nothing and, with a little encouragement, will enter into a relationship. They recognise us as individuals and react accordingly. This music is quite varied in both its instrumentation and themes, reflecting the sophisticated nature of the Jackdaw. Five movements seems inadequate for the purpose, but is at least a start.

Symphony No 8 in F ‘Bears’

Symphony No 8 is a special symphony entirely for wind instruments. Consequently, it may be played by both symphonic orchestras and wind bands. It has a gentle flow, but with suitable dynamics where needed.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 9 in D ‘Orca’

Symphony No 9 continues the trend and explores some different soundscapes across its five movements, each of which contains its own themes and ideas. Each movement also contains its own distinct instrumentation with which to weave the thread. Its a relatively short, but interesting piece.

Symphony No 10 in D ‘The Journey’

The last symphony, the tenth in the series, has some interesting textures and tells the story of the final crossing of the big lake in order to find one’s destiny on the other side. It completes the musical journey which, in turn, reflects the greater journey.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 11 in C Ode to Friendship

Friendship is one of the most important factors in life. But true friendship is often rare as many who we think of as friends are really just business acquaintances. A friend in need is a friend indeed and this is where true friendship comes into play. This music simply celebrates the important things in life; Life, love, happiness and understanding. These are the cornerstones of humanity and the heart of friendship. This CD was highly recommended on Amazon.

Symphony No 12 in D Beyond the Skies

Beyond the Skies is a five movement piece which explores various textures and musical ideas within a theme of mystery as to what lies beyond our comprehension. An unusual composition with plenty of dynamics and movement.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 13 in Dm ‘Peace’

Orchestral Music for Film features Symphony No 13 in Dm ‘Peace’. This is a unified work with each of the four movements related to, and feeding into, each other. It is in effect a single theme, although individual movements might be taken out of context as each has its own, unique character. The instrumentation is varied and, at times, dynamic. For those interested in high resolution audio, the original music files were produced at a sampling rate of 88.2 KHz with 32 bit resolution. High resolution files in flac format are available for special purposes.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 14 in G ‘Kakike’

One of the later in this series of symphonies. It spreads its various themes over six movements and includes some interesting instrumentation. It is a fitting piece with which to the experiment with symphonic music and discover some exciting new sounds and musical themes.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 15 in G ‘Kiwewin’

An addendum to the series which should be of interest to those who have heard any of the others. Recorded in high quality sound, as usual, and with several interesting themes, but this is a unique piece in its own right and will be of interest to those who love music.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 16 in F ‘Kind Hearts and Courage’

This is one of the major symphonic works and celebrates the core values of Kind Hearts, Compassion, Understanding, Courage, Joy and Peace. These are the compass points by which we should navigate our way along the path of life. They are especially important in a world which is becoming increasingly ugly and corrupted. Let us hope that younger generations come to understand that which is truly important in life. Perhaps this music may become an inspiration accordingly.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 17 ‘Kihcikamew’

There exist several symphonic works about the sea (kihcikamew). Understandably as she covers 70% of our planet and is the cradle of life. Indeed, many miracles of evolution occurred before there were creatures in the warm seas and, eventually, emerging onto land. This music then is contemplative and offered in order that the listener considers the miracle of life and all that has occured in the natural history of the Earth.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 18 in F ‘Ontario’

Symphony No 18 in F uses a variety of instrumentation across its five movements, reflecting the variety that is to be found in the natural world and it is the natural world that has inspired this work. In particular, the province of Ontario in Canada, to which this particular work is dedicated.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 19 in D ‘Scotland

This music is dedicated to Scotland, which is really two lands, separated by the Great Glen Fault which sits under Loch Ness and roughly divides the Highlands from the Lowlands. The land which is the Highlands was originally joined to Canada, but shifting plate tectonics have altered the land masses many times in the history of the planet. It is a land of many colours and changes as one travels south to north and west to east, but always with something interesting to discover. The music on this disc reflects this character.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 20 in F ‘Australia’

This work celebrates the wonderful continent of Australia, which Mother Nature has smiled upon with her bountiful diversity across the points of the compass. This work is equally diverse with six movements, each dedicated to one of the six states of Australia. This may be regarded as a special work from this composer and it is fitting that it contains all that has been learned from previous works.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 21 in C ‘Cuba’

This work is dedicated to all the wonderful musicians who have made Cuban music so special over the past 70 years. As a symphonic work, it may seem strange to associate it with the island, but this is deliberate. A Symphony for Cuba is something quite new and quite different. It is hoped that it will bring pleasure to some. It is especially dedicated to the memory of Lupe Raymond.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 22 in D ‘Inspiration’

Symphony No 22 in D, ‘Inspiration’ is an interesting work in five movements which seek to encourage that inspiration which is inside all of us, to one degree or another. It features traditional instrumentation, with a few unusual instruments added here and there. The themes are also traditional in scope and engage with the emotions as well as the intelect. Overall, it is an enjoyable work to listen to.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 23 in Gm ‘Water’

Symphony No 23 in Gm is dedicated to the element of water, without which there would be no life on Earth. The water cycle is a complex story of evaporation, rainfall, groundwater and aquifers and of course the great oceans and rivers that feed them. We tend to take water for granted and yet it is possibly the most precious resource on Earth. This music is in appreciation of water.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 24 in F ‘Fire’

Another Symphony which celebrates the natural elements, this time the one of fire. There would have been fires on the planet before animate life, as nature’s way of clearing and renewing. This music is consequently varied between its movements and uses some interesting instrumentation.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 25 in D ‘Earth’

This symphony is the last in the trilogy of Water, Fire and Earth. It celebrates the Earth itself and contains six movements, varied in nature and in instrumentation. Special attention has been given to sound quality in this instance.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

String Quartets 1 and 2 ‘Wolves’

The String Quartets, No.1 in D and No.2 in C#, are a departure from the full scale symphonic works. They are none the less interesting and will be of particular interests to Chamber Ensembles and, of course, those who are interested in music in general. The link with wolves concerns the importance of working together as a cohesive unit, something which is of particular importance for quartets. The music score for the first quartet may be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

String Quartets 3 and 4 in G ‘For Joanna’

Ii is fitting that this last piece is dedicated to the individual who has been the inspiration behind everything I have ever done. The music is straightforward and sits comfortably with the first two string quartets.

Jazz Dreamland

These Jazz pieces were composed for an unusual instrumentation comprising a Tenor Saxophone, a Hammond Organ and Drums/Percussion. This may seem like a very restricted collection, but the choice of instruments is inspired by an existing Jazz trio of exactly that persuasion. Consequently, we have here a collection of tracks which are quite varied. Some of them replicate the live practice of improvisation, at least to a degree, while some offer the structure of a more memorable tune. They all, however, remain loyal to the core instrumentation with, perhaps, just a few liberties taken with regard to the Percussion, which is a little more extensive than may be provided within a live performance.

Music for Film

Music for Film represents a departure from the symphonic form of other works in order to create a series of musical landscapes, or themes, which might well accompany film or theatrical productions. Each piece has its own character, evoking different atmospheres and moods which, in turn, would work well with various visual settings. The collection of ten pieces are a showcase for the variations which might be composed for an actual film or theatrical production.

Symphony No 26 in F ‘Lomond’

This is a simple four movement work which celebrates Loch Lomond in Scotland. This stretch of water casts a magic on many who visit it and, of course, it is already immortalised in popular song. The instrumentation used here is quite unusual and should delight the listener.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 27 in G ‘Walking the Trail’

This is a new work which features some varied instrumentation, woodwind and full orchestra sharing some tuneful passages, some dynamic, some more gentle. It reflects the changes that many encounter along the passage of life and offers an opportunity for reflection and meditation.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 28 in G ‘Spring’

A symphony to celebrate Spring, with all its positive sounds and colours which bring enthusiasm to all creatures. This work is in six movements, each with its own themes and sound palette. It is a work which most will find relaxing and contemplative as it winds its way along its own unique path. In addition, there are some lovely sounds and dynamics to enjoy along the journey.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 29 in F ‘Lost Baby Dreaming’

In the Northern Territory in Australia is a place called Kudjekbinj which means ‘Baby Dreaming’ the place of Baby Spirits. It is here that Warramurrunggundji, the Creation Mother roams and ensures that babies are born. Some individuals are imbued with the Yawk Yawk dreaming, and it is they that bring babies to prospective couples. In the Aboriginal world, connection with the land is very important and everything can be traced back to ‘dreaming’ and the spiritual world, linked closely to specific places. This music captures a little of the dreaming.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 30 in A ‘Rome’

This is the last in the symphonic works by the author and is dedicated to the city of Rome, the seat of western history. There are five movements, intended to both relax and inspire.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 31 in C ‘Fin’

This was supposed to be the last work to be posted here, as the on demand service was discontinued. However, inspiration continues and this is a nice work with varied instrumentation and some memorable themes. There will doubtless be more to follow.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 32 in D ‘The Phoenix’

Rising from the ashes, the Phoenix brings five more movements to inspire and delight the listener. This ‘new classical’ music may also be used for film, theatre or ballet. The possibilities have no bounds.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 33 in F ‘Kensington’

This symphony was written especially for the Kensington Philharmonic Orchestra as a signature work for them. It is in three movements and features a choral section as well, which reflects the special ambience and character of the area.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 34 in Dm ‘Glenfinnan’

A special symphony to commemorate Bonnie Prince Charlie’s last fight with the Redcoats at this historic and beautiful site. The five separate movements tell the story in their own way and create a sonic picture for the listener to savour.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 35 in D ‘Saskatchewan’

The composer’s favourite place. The province of Saskatchewan has a special charm, with its plains, forests and lakes shared by the bears, wolves and elks as well as humans. It is the province of the ‘big skies’ and beautiful yellow moons, against which the most beautiful sound on Earth, the call of the wolf, may be heard if you are far enough north. This symphonic work evokes the spirit of Saskatchewan within its three movements.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 36 in G ‘Natural Philosophy’

Before the word ‘scientist’ was used, scientists called themselves ‘natural philosophers’ because they were striving to understand nature and all her works. This seems like a more worthy pursuit than some branches of modern science. This work celebrates the concept of natural philosophy in four dynamic and tuneful movements which conjour up the many miracles of nature which have made our planet what it is.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 37 in C ‘Mahsi Cho’

Mahsi Cho is the Trondek Hwechin term for ‘Thank you’. And so this symphony is a ‘thank you’ for all the interesting things that have come my way, particularly in the natural world. On the cover of this work is a photograph of Kingsmere, one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Saskatchewan and this work evokes feelings of this area.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 38 in D ‘Sakahikaniwiw’

It means, ‘there are lakes here’ in Cree. Once again I am inspired by the natural world and the wonder within it. However, there are also some purely musical creations and sounds to enjoy within the movements of this work.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 39 in G ‘Brookhill Hall’

This work was written as a tribute to Brookhill Hall and how country estates used to be. A full score is available for this work and, it is hoped, that it might one day be performed by local orchestras in support of the Hall and its activities.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 40 in F ‘Autumn’

As autumn approaches it is as well to celebrate with a major work which exploits all the sounds of the orchestra, especially the brass and woodwind instruments. There is also a good deal of percussion and, in the last two movements, some nice gongs with a very dynamic sound and slow decay.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 41 in G ‘Kettering’

This symphony has been inspired by the Kettering Symphony Orchestra and is dedicated to them accordingly. It has a strong emphasis on brass and woodwind and, while relatively short, is nonetheless varied. There are some nice sounds here and some lines for solo trumpet which is becoming unusual.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 42 in D, ‘Medisinsk Vitenskap’

This four part symphonic work is dedicated to the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, which is a charitable concern providing a much needed service to the community. As they are not connected with the NHS, they are entirely self funded. This work, hopefully, may serve to help raise awareness of this important entity. The work itself has a common theme running through it, but which nevertheless varies between movements.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 43 in G ‘In Search of Nature’

This is an interesting symphony in just three movements but with a rich instrumentation which is consistent across movements. The sound is therefore very full and yet somehow quite relaxing and satisfying to listen to. Many will enjoy this work, both playing and listening to it. Its title, ‘In Search of Nature’ reflects the book of the same name which is an important scientific statement of our times. Both works are thought provoking.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 44 in D ‘Nâtawihcikew’

This is a symphony dedicated to healing. Not just healing of the body, but healing of the spirit. Those who have suffered from injustice or the unkindness of others will have an ailment of the spirit, or soul, that may only be reached by the arts. This music aims to touch the spirit with understanding and comfort. If it succeeds, then Kihci-manitow will be happy and the listener will feel peace.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 45 in G ‘Iskwayac’

Iskwayac means ‘the end of a series’ or the end of a long term situation or association. All things must pass and all things must, eventually, come to an end. We have to make the transition across this ending, sometimes in trepidation. After all, we are going from light into darkness. From the known into the unknown. Iskwayac is a good word. This symphony helps us with such transitions and edges us along into something new. There is the familiar and the less familiar. The gentle coaxing into new areas. It may be thought provoking or even enlightening as it takes the listener through its four movements.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

String Quartet No.5 in F, ‘Confluence’

The word ‘confluence’ is generally used to describe the coming together of two entities such as rivers for example. It may also be used to illustrate the coming together of individuals into a small group, such as a quartet. This piece continues the thread of the four previous quartets, albeit in a different style. Throughout the four movements, the coming together of two or more parts may be clearly heard.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 46 in G ‘Tâpwewakeyihtamowin’

A simple three movement piece with some nice tonal colours and musical themes. The title translates to ‘belief’ and ‘hope’ which is highly topical given our current global situation. This piece should be played openly within our communities to remind us of what is important.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 47 in D ‘Parâmiwin’

A four piece movement in the key of D which is quite positive in both its sound and melodies. The recorded files are of above average quality and feature some very nice instrumental sounds within the overall mix. In addition, there are aome memorable melodies in each movement. This particular piece represents something of a milestone within these works.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 48 in F ‘Astewepan’

The title of this symphony means the calm after a storm or, to be more precise, the calm sky after a stormy sky. It reminds us that the tides of life ebb and flow in a continuous cycle and so, this symphony in the key of F, has a calming theme running throughout with just one or two moments of contrast. It is a simple piece in three movements which would make for a nice supporting work for an orchestra to play before a main piece.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 49 in E ‘Manitowan’

This symphony is in a key that I not often use, but which creates a particular feel to the music. The title, Manitowan, translates as ‘spirit’ or ‘of the spirit’ and one could claim that there is something spiritual about this piece, its four movements containing many special themes. The last few notes of the last movement contain a summing up of the whole piece.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 50 in G ‘Tipêvimisowin’

This symphonic work, in three parts, represents an expression of the human spirit and of humanity itself. It’s purpose is to celebrate civilisation and all that has been achieved in the arts and sciences. The title is significant.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 51 in D ‘Sohkeyimowin’

The title of this work means ‘courage’ or ‘moral courage’. It is something that the world badly needs at the present time. The music is both contemplative, uplifting and positive and reflects the values and virtues which we seem to have lost. Listen therefore, and reflect upon both your personal situation and the world around you.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 52 in E ‘Naskwaw’

This symphony, in the key of E, has a very special meaning and a very special message. It is a reflection on the current state of world affairs within the context of humanity. It represents an important element of civilisation itself and is a fitting work with which to end the series. The cover artwork is symbolic in itself.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 53 in Gm ‘Ode to Pari’

This is a very special piece of music for a very special little person. It embodies several styles and sounds as it walks through the four movements, bringing together eastern and western influences. It is quite a long piece and will typically play for around one hour.

Obtain the full manuscript from Amazon

Symphony No 54 in F, ‘Sultana’

This symphony is dedicated to the concept of family, understanding and spirituality. It reflects qualities such as loyalty and gratitude, which span eternity. It is presented in three movements and has varied instrumentation.

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